Peter Dieleman

Dear reader,
My name is Peter Dieleman and I am currently a 21-year-old student on the Bachelor’s degree programme in Technical Medicine. Since arriving here in Enschede, I have actively pursued opportunities to develop myself. I moved into an active student house, joined an association and found a fraternity and a hockey team. This past year, I was given the amazing opportunity to further challenge myself as Chairman and External Relations of the Create Tomorrow board.

Although I started studying in the middle of the era of lockdowns, I soon realised that your student time is the ideal opportunity to develop yourself in many different ways. Of course, your studies come first, but there are also countless opportunities outside of that.

The University of Twente is unique in this respect. The entrepreneurial character of our university offers room for every ambition, no matter how small or large. From part-time committees to full-time boards and innovative student teams.

However, this cannot be taken for granted. As students at the University of Twente, we will always have to make an effort to have the freedom to grow in our own way, both inside and outside our studies. This is why I try to do my bit for DAS!

I believe DAS plays an essential role in promoting students’ freedom and development. It is a platform that supports students and enables them to make their voices heard. DAS provides the opportunity to be involved in important decisions and the development of our university, so that we can create an environment where every student has the opportunity to grow and flourish.

I hope I can count on your support in the upcoming elections for DAS. Together, let us strive for a university where every student has the freedom to grow, learn and excel.

Peter Dieleman (2002) is Technical Medicine Bsc student and an active member of Audentis et Virtutis with his yearclub and fraternity Koh-I-Noor. Peter is currently the Chair and External Affairs of Create Tomorrow and also involved in DHC Drienerlo.