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Lieke Pullen

Five years ago, I started my study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente. During the Kick-In, I was already very enthousiastic about what Enschede has to offer, and rapidly become active within my study associations and sorority. By being a commitee member in several committees at S.V. Paradoks, I got to know many new people. Later on, I decided to do a full time board year at my association and to help[ improve the education for BME students. Last academic year, I’ve decided to do a board year at the umbrella associations of study associations, of which I am now the chair. Doing these board years, I’ve learned a lot about myself, but I have also gotten to known other people. Eventhough I have the ambition to become even more active, studying must also be done. I believe it is incredibly important to have room to improve yourself, within and outside of the university. The most beautiful part of DAS is that everyone has the urgue to follow their ambition, but everyone in its own way!

Lieke Pullen (1998) is studying Biomedical Engineering at the UT. She did a board year at S.V. Paradoks and the umbrella organisation for study associations, OS. Next to that, she is the Quality Assurence Coordinator for the study BME.