02 Danique Damen

Danique Damen

Four years ago I switched from HBO to University to challenge myself more. I started at the University of Twente and during the Kick-In I have experienced all the possibilities Enschede has. There were so many associations I could join. I heard a lot of people wondering if associations could be combined with study. I think this combination can be made better.

I signed up for the associations DHC Drienerlo and ASV Taste. I have grown personally at these associations. Also because I did different committees, and met so many inspiring persons!

I think that developing ourselves is important for us as students and for the university as well. Students need to grow, study and relax without feeling too much pressure.

Also I have experienced how hard it can be to combine this with your studies, for example with the 0-15 rule. TOM 2.0 is a good step in the right direction. I want to make an effort so that students have the opportunity to develop themselves in their studies and their extracurricular activities. I think this is very valuable in your future life. Everything is possible if you get the chance.

I hope together we can make a difference for the students of the University of Twente.

Danique Damen (1999) is studying Biomedical Engineering at the UT. She is active at A.S.V. Taste and DHC Drienerlo in a few committees. She did a board year for the ‘Boortoren’ of the hockeyclub. She was a member of the faculty council S&T for a year. Currently, she is the president of pv DAS.