03 Bram van Uden

Bram van Uden

From the south of the Netherlands I came to the University of Twente three years ago to study Industrial Engineering and Management. The Kick-in made his name worthy and kicked me right into the student life Enschede has to offer. Within AEGEE-Enschede I became an active member where I met lots of interesting people and joined committees. From experiences like these I came to believe that developing yourself is not only about the study. There are lots of things to do in combination with your study. From the experience of others and myself, I found that combining this with the study is not always easy. As someone who seeks to challenge himself, I joined DAS to help to make personal development better to combine with studying. After having a difficult period for everybody due to Corona, it is nearly time to pick up the normal life again! To enjoy all the possibilities the University and all the other associations have to offer. Let’s make a good start and vote DAS!

Bram Willem van Uden (2000) is a third year student, studying Industrial Engineering and Management. He is currently active in several committees including some for AEGEE-Enschede.