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Pim de la Fuente

Get the best out of yourself and do what you like. In my first years in Enschede I learned these things from everyone around me. It is not without a reason that your years as a student are the best time of your life, because never in life as a person have the opportunity to develop as quickly as now. That is only possible if there are also opportunities for students to become active in addition to studying.

I’ve got these opportunities and made the most out of them in the form of committees and a board year. The latter was perhaps the most beautiful year of my life and I would recommend it to everyone. However, there is still external pressure on active student life, so that these opportunities will be less likely to arise in the future.

This is the reason why I have been committed to DAS since this year. I want every student to have the same opportunities as me and perhaps more than that. Studying is of course the most important thing for which we are here, but without all the experiences outside of studying I am sure that moving to the business world would have become much more difficult for me.

Your future is our ambition!

Pim de la Fuente (1998) studies in Enschede for four years and is in his third year of his bachelor Technical Medicine. In the past four years, Pim has been active in various committees and a full-time board. He is a member of the student association Audentis et Virtutis, where he has been chairman. He has been actively committed to the student life in Enschede for four years and will continue to do so for a long time!