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Bram Hoogerheide

September 2016 marked the beginning of my time at the University. I had just finished high school and moved out of my parents house at the other side of the country. Once I arrived here in Enschede, I was a bit overwhelmed by al the possibilities this city and the different associations had to offer. My ambitions were already there when I moved to Enschede, but were maybe a bit too big for a new student. I became a member of Audentis, did multiple committees and got really fun roommates. I wanted to do too much all at once, which resulted in my study no longer being my top priority. Needless to say, I failed that first year. Luckily I managed to pull myself together and started an new program. In my second year here, I had found a balance between studying and social activities. Everything went great, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that my student years were missing something. So when I were asked to do a full-time board year at Audentis, I simply couldn’t decline. The board year went by and I returned to the University to resume my education. It’s going great so far, but there is still a chapter missing in my time here in Enschede. I have experienced serious personal growth and learned a lot the past few years. Now I feel it is time to help others get the most out of their time as a student. Whether this is in your education, sports, committees or a board year; we as DAS fight for your goals and ambitions!

From ambition to success!

Bram Hoogerheide (1998) started with the program Biomedical Engineering and later on switched to the bachelor Health Sciences. He is a member of ‘Audentis et Virtutis’, where he has done multiple committees and a board year. His activism was also visible at the study associations Paradoks and Sirius, where he also filled some committees.