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Bas de Ruijter

What is student life for you? For me, it’s making the best out of it. just like everyone else, I started as a kiddo in the kick-in three years ago. No idea what was waiting for me. I thoroughly enjoyed all the enthusiastic students who would talk about the things they did. This made me decide to join the student association Audentis and the sport association DHC Drienerlo. Two years later, I joined the board of the field hockey association on campus. To this day, it has brought me so much.

I think besides your study, every student need to have the freedom to develop him/her in the way they wand. Nowadays, students have doubts on continuing there activism because of there study. That is why I joined DAS. To make sure there is more room for students to take the next step in developing themselves.

Bas de Ruijter (1999) studies Technical medicine in Twente. He is on the board of DHC Drienerlo and is a member of the student association Audentis.