Wouter Bolhuis

Hey, I’m Wouter and last year I was DAS faction chairman on the university council. In the past year, we have dealt with many different topics, both inside and outside of council meetings. We discussed many major topics with the council, such as the university’s new strategy, Shaping 2030, new ten-year plans for real estate, and finance, a new OER and TOM 2.0, and student wellbeing. By giving our opinion and participating in discussions on these kinds of topics, we were able to help students, but that was not the only way. We were also able to work outside of council meetings to help students. Although the meetings are an important part of your job as a council member, the work we did outside the meetings was what made the year so much fun for me. For example, we were able to support programme committees by giving them a workshop on the new TOM model, we were able to help individual students who mailed complaints to, and we were able to help SNT to maintain their contract with the UT. We were able to talk to a lot of people, hear a lot of stories, and solve a lot of problems.

I look back with great pleasure and pride in what we have achieved last year. I would like to wish the new faction a lot of success with their coming year at the University Council and I hope that they too will be able to continue the good and helpful trend of DAS, as we have done in the past years.