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Timon Metz

Young and naive I arrived in Enschede from my a little town called Diepenveen. In the Kick-In I was quickly guided through all facets of student life Enschede, it was time to kick-off my student life. I decided to join a student association called Audentis and came to live in a cozy men’s house. Four years full of study, fun, committees and a board year followed. And now on the next challenge, party member of the Party for The Ambitious Student.

So much for a story of so many others here in Enschede. But why DAS? It does not matter whether you decide to join a study, students or sports association. Whether you draw energy from organizing a large-scale event or conducting groundbreaking research. The most important thing is that you have the freedom and possibility to make your own choices in what you want to do. DAS stands for this freedom and possibilities. Top-notch education with room for additional activities.

Timon Metz (1997) is in his third year of Technical Medicine. Timon is a member of the student association Audentis, where he has done multiple committees. He also did a fulltime board year for Audentis. Timon is always striving for new challenges and likes to keep himself busy. As a new candidate fraction member of pv DAS it is his goal is to make sure every student gets to choose their student time they want!