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Dirk Koelewijn

I was introduced to the University of Twente and its student life less than five years ago (2015). A wonderful world full of opportunities and one with a very active community. With so many ambitious students around me, it was almost impossible for me not to get involved. I became active in various committees at my study and student association and I realized what I really like: together with others, achieve what you thought was probably impossible before. Then I got the chance to represent the student associations in Enschede as chairman of the umbrella organization of student associations, and not much later as chairman of the Student Union I led more than a hundred enthusiastic students who are committed to making student life even better. An unforgettable, but above all an experience that allowed me to develop myself greatly. Now I want to give you (and every other student) the opportunity to also follow your dreams and achieve your ambitions. We realize this together: with countless students (organizations), but also together with the university. It starts with top-level education in which you have the space to distinguish yourself. At the same time, this education must be flexible enough to learn where your heart is beyond your curriculum. This is so that everyone, whether you want to graduate cum laude or would like to organize a large event such as the Kick-In, can realize their ambitions! We make Enschede as a student city together, and together we ensure the beautiful student life. I want that for every current and prospective student, because together we can realize (almost) everyone’s ambition.

“Let’s realize your ambition together”

Dirk Koelewijn (1997) has been studying in Enschede for five years and is in the first year of his Master Data Science and Technology. Before this, he completed the Bachelor Computer Science. Dirk is a member of C.S.V. Alpha and I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief and chaired Fact, the umbrella organization of student associations in 2017-2018. He then chaired the Student Union in 2019-2020. Dirk is currently training new student board members and is closely involved in the Kick-In as safety coordinator.