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Danique Damen

Three years ago I switched from HBO to University to challenge myself more. I started at the University of Twente and during the Kick-In I have experienced all the possibilities Enschede has. There were so many associations I could join. I heard a lot of people wondering if
associations could be combined with study. I think this combination can be made better. I signed up for the associations DHC Drienerlo and ASV Taste. I have grown personally at these associations. Also because I did different committees, and meeting so many inspiring
persons! I think that developing ourselves is important for us as students and for the university as well. Students need to grow, study and relax without having too much pressure from the university. I personally have grown by doing committees, a board year and other activism. Also I have experienced how hard it can be to combine this with your studies, for example with the 0-15 rule. TOM 2.0 is a good step in the right direction. I want to make an effort so that students have the opportunity to develop themselves in their studies and their extracurricular activities. I hope together we can make a difference for the students of the University of Twente. That is why I joined DAS. Vote DAS!

The time is now!

Danique Damen (1999) is studying Biomedical Engineering at the UT. She is active at A.S.V. Taste and DHC Drienerlo in a few committees. She did a board year for the ‘Boortoren’ of the hockeyclub. At the moment she is a student member of the faculty council of S&T