Jiska Chang

When I came to the university in 2013, I had no idea what the student life is about. I was surprised by all the possibilities Enschede had to offer and I took every opportunity that came my way. That gave me an amazing student life, where I am part of multiple associations, organized amazing events and have met many other students. My goal is to connect all the students here in Enschede, heed to the wishes of each and every one of them and together have the best student life.

Enschede is very unique within the student cities of the Netherlands, it is small and everyone knows everyone. There are many possibilities to broaden your student life here, if that is within a sport, performance arts, study, of world association, or if you commit to a foundation or event, almost everybody is active somewhere. I am very glad how I formed my student life and how my student life formed me. DAS stands for giving every student here at the university the same opportunity to shape their student life as they wishes, without any barriers. Dream, dare, do!

Jiska Chang (1995)  is finishing her bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management and will start her Masters this September. From the start of her student life, activism has been a great part of it. She has been active within her study association Stress, the student association Taste and the hockey club DHC. She had set her study aside for a year to organize the Kick-In and has done much more, but is still looking for new challenges!