The Board

Our board is running the organisational side of our party. This means that they organise activities like meetings, drinks and input evenings. This is different than the responsibilities of the faction, as the faction is only focusing on translating the opinion of our party to the university council, and not on organising events to gain this input. This way we can guarantee that our faction can focus all of their energy on representing you, the students!

The third board of PV DAS supports the faction in their work for the university council. For questions or more information you can always reach the board by sending an email to: [email protected]

The board consists out of:
Bram van Doorn- Chairman
Thomas van Kuipers- Secretary
Renate Visser – Treasurer
Hidde Zijlstra Р Internal affairs & Continuity 

Do you want to directly contact these fantastic people? In that case you can send an email to them by: <first name>