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Ruben Borst

During my participation in the Kick-in 2017, I started noticing the huge amount of active students in Enschede. Besides studying, lots of students are part of a student association. Myself, I decided to join C.S.V. Alpha instantly. I participated in several committees and actively engaged in the association. Here, I discovered that being a student has substantial benefits in terms of fun and it is really informative. I would grant everyone this chance of being active besides your study and I would like to stimulate this.

As a student there are a lot of opportunities. It is of great importance that this experimental space to explore your own qualities is not restricted. After all, studying is more than just scoring credits. These years are a determining factor concerning for example your organisational and social skills. In the University Council, DAS pleads for space to enhance your skills. A vote for DAS equals a vote for yourself!

Ruben Borst (1999) is a first year Master Civil Engineering student. Since his first year he is member of C.S.V. Alpha. He has participated in lots of committees and is also member of fraternity O Tempora, O Mores.