06 Emma Sombroek

Emma Sombroek

Last summer I moved from the west to the oh so beautiful east. Not knowing what adventure lay ahead of me. From my high school I was the only one who went to study at the University of Twente, so I really started this chapter on my own. I moved into a large active house on campus, where I opened up to all the different associations that Enschede has to offer me. I registered with the student association Audentis et Virtutis, and soon after with the student hockey association DHC Drienerlo.

In my first year I was a member of the Brothers and Sister Day committee, which was soon inactive due to COVID-19, but being active in addition to my studies suited me well. That is why I started a board year at DHC Drienerlo in my second year. Here I fulfill the role of internal commissioner, which is also how I ended up at DAS. I think it is important that it is encouraged to be active in addition to your studies. Both from associations, but I also think it is important that the University supports this and provides space for this. We at DAS stand up for this, so it is important that you vote for us!