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Klaske Houtsma

What can you learn in your student days, which is less easy in your work life?
There is room for:
– Trial and error
– Flexibility in time and responsibilities
– Free opportunities to develop yourself in and next to your studies; sports, graduating cum laude, active in associations etc.

If you are given a beautiful gift, you will open it and use it right? By using these opportunities, I have been able to develop myself into a more well-rounded conscious person and I would like to make this possible for everyone else as well.

I started as a small, ignorant and occasionally stressed girl with a fixed mindset in a new city and have been able to develop into an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, involved, continuously improving, reflective, open-minded, balanced and sustainable student. Spoiler: there is no magic spell or one specific approach that will make this happen in practice. However, there are several tools we can facilitate to make this process easier.
I managed this by using, among other things, the following tools:
– Being able to follow separate courses
– Encouragement of personal development in areas where your own passion lies
– Good sports facilities
– Mindfulness course
– Teamwork with people from different cultural backgrounds

I would like to facilitate these and other appropriate tools, together with DAS, for every student.
Noting that this will always happen with a dash of Frisian realistic sobriety.

Energetic and sustainable development!

Klaske (1999) has been studying in Enschede for 3 years now and attends ATLAS University College, with a specialisation in Environmental science, Engineering and Management. She is currently chair of SUSTAIN (sustainability association), member of Aloha and active at DRV Euros. As you can see, her passion lies with “contributing to positive change in the world” and therefore in recent years she has contributed to various committees at various associations (DRV Euros, Stress, Atlantis), citizen initiatives and education within and outside the UT.