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Jiska Chang

In 2013 I came to Enschede to study industrial engineering and management. My goal? To get the most out of my student life! So, I started a new adventure every year, became active in my first year at my study association Stress and I was a member of c.s.v. Alpha. I remained active at Stress and I joined a.s.v. Taste in my second year. After that, it was time for a board year and KIC16 was one of the highlights of my student time. Hereafter, I got the hang of it, I became a member of DHC, and became involved at the Bedrijvendagen and the Batavierenrace, I organized TEDxTwenteU 2018 and I also found the time to do a par-time board year at SBZ. In addition, I started fitness and I dance salsa at 4 Happy Feet. In 2018 I became involved with DAS and in the academic year of 2018-2019, I got a seat in the University Council on behalf of DAS. Last year I enthusiastically chaired the board of pv DAS.

My goal at the beginning of my student days to get everything out of it has been successful. My next goal? Ensure that it is possible for every student to get the most out of student life! And that is of course entirely according to your own interpretation, whether it be a few committees, an honours program, a board year, organizing an event or strengthening a student team, everyone must be given space to develop alongside their studies! Fortunately, a lot is already possible here at the UT and I am still very happy with my choice for Enschede and the personal approach here in education. But of course, there are always possibilities to make student life here even more beautiful, useful and awesome!

Jiska Chang (1995) is now a master student in Industrial Engineering and Management. In addition to her studies, she has a broad orientation in the student life of Enschede and is currently chairman of pv DAS, after she was in the University Council for DAS last year. Jiska has been a member of a.s.v. Taste for five years, is now still an active member at DHC Drienerlo and dances at 4 Happy Feet.