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Hidde Zijlstra

When I started studying in Enschede, I didn’t have any expectations of my life as a student. The Kick-in was an eye-opening moment that introduced me to so many new things. Dozens of sport-, culture, and student-associations, each and every one with the option to participate in awesome activities and to broaden your horizon. Soon, I became a member at AEGEE-Enschede, became active at my study association Inter-Actief, started working for the university at the Study Information centre and got to know DAS. Within a year, I had transformed from a student without any expectations, to an ambitious student.

In my opinion, every student should have the freedom to plan their own personal learning path. It is the time to shape yourself, to discover new interests, and to prepare for the job market. Studying is of course a vital part of this process, though we should prevent that the focus on studying alone damages your personal development in general. Look at the increased amount of stress under students for example. Especially because this university has so much to offer, there should be enough time for extra curricular activities! I am convinced that the students who want to develop themselves as good as possible, should get more space to do so. Well developed students are the perfect advertisement for the UT.

Hidde Zijlstra (1997) is in his third year of International Business Administration. Hidde is a member of the student association AEGEE-Enschede, where he has done multiple committees. Besides those activities, Hidde is currently the president of his fraternity KAΔMOΣ. Last year he has represented DAS in both the faculty council of BMS and his programme committee of IBA.