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Evi Nijhof

I started studying in Enschede four years ago and became a member of D.R.V. Euros. For two years I was a student athlete, meaning I was training 12 hours a week to represent my rowing club ánd University at national regattas. It wasn’t always easy to combine my ambition for rowing with studying, especially as a bachelor student having to deal with the TOM model. Now, as a board member of D.R.V. Euros, I saw a lot of freshman who did not want to commit to the top-level sport, because of their studies. This is a shame, because it is an excellent way to develop yourself during your time as a student. The University should be encouraging and supporting students who thrive an ambitious goal next to their studies. Either a goal on top-level sport, committees, being a board member, or anything that can add value to your development as a person. Development should be a priority!

“Development is priority!”

Evi Nijhof (1996) is currently part of the board of D.R.V. Euros. She finished her bachelor Communication Science at the University of Twente. During her bachelor she has been active as a student athlete in rowing.