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Eleanor Thelen

My name is Eleanor. I am 22 years old and I am currently doing my third year Industrial Engineering and Management. Last year I did a board year at my student association A.S.V. Taste as the secretary. As soon as I started my study at the UT, I learned that there is a lot of room for activism next to your study. Also, the longer I study at the UT, the more I more noticed this activism is important. Not only for your résumé, but more importantly, for you as a person. This is the reason I decided to become a member and be active at both A.S.V. Taste and my study association Stress. Being a student is so much more than just studying. By becoming active you can distinguish yourself from all people who ultimately have a similar piece of paper, you learn by doing and build a network, above all it is also great to do. The beauty of the UT is that everything is possible, there is something for everyone and if it is not there, then it can come. That is how it should be, there should, in addition to studying, be space to develop yourself and to become a real student. That is why I support DAS, so that every student has the space and opportunity to develop alongside his studies.

Eleanor Thelen (1997) is in her third year of Industrial Engineering and Management. Eleanor is a member of A.S.V. Taste where she did a full time board year and participated in serveral committees. Besides that, she plays hockey in Dames 2 at DHC Drienerlo.