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Daan Reugebrink

When i came to Enschede to study Advanced Technology, I had the idea to live with my parents during my studies. That idea changed very quickly because of the traveling. So I got a room in a student home in Enschede.

In my second year, i decided to join a student association. A new home with active people followed. My student live changed into a very nice period. Sometime later, i wanted to do more than studying. I was ambitious but not really outside of my house. So i decided to become a board member, president, of P.K.V.V. Fact. Fact is the umberella association of the four Pakkerij associations. Because of this function, i got attached to DAS. The vision of the party meets my idea of the ideal student life. A time with study of high quality and the option of different other activities. So that every student can develop themselves, on every level they want.

Daan Reugebrink studies Advanced Technology. He is a member of student association Audentis and was a board member, president, of P.K.v.V Fact. Fact is the umberella association of the Pakkerij associations.