Tom van der Meer

My name is Tom and during the first year or my Industrial Engineering & Management Master, I represented students in the University Council as a faction member of DAS. My work in the Council focused on the committees FPB and OOS, in which we both had very interesting policies to discuss. Of course, every discussion is relevant for students at the UT in some manner, but there are always discussion and decisions that stand out in that manner. For me the topic of TOM 2.0 was a very interesting, complex yet tangible subject. This discussion culminated in a new EER (Education and Examination Regulations) that gives programs more freedom to choose how they want to shape their education. The aspect that most stood out, especially for students, was the fact that the very strict “0-15 rule” was let go. As I was very interested in this topic, I was very involved in the final decision and conditions the University Council finally agreed upon.  

Next to the weekly council meetings, I was involved in other interesting businesses as well. For example the working group that discusses the grants that are awarded to students that have completed a part-time or full-time board year during their studies. This is again an interesting committee, especially as a student representative on behalf of DAS that values the possibilities of doing a board year very highly.