University Council (UC)

Since 2015, DAS has been represented in the UC. With one third of the seats, DAS represents students that are entrepreneurial, active, curious and sportsmanlike in addition to studying full-time.

Student Association

DAS has emerged from various associations and is an organisation in which students have a say in our university’s management.

Link between student and policy

DAS’ mission: bridge the gap between studying and student life. DAS provides for the needs of students and brings them closer to the administrative division of the UT.

Educational improvement

DAS is committed to the quality of studying so that the UT provides the best available education, in order for you to focus on your self-development in addition to your education.

DAS aims at representing all students that are ambitious and entrepreneurial and students that combine both studying and other activities. DAS aims at:

  • Making education more flexible for the benefit of ambitious students
  • Creating more room for ambition and self-development
  • Devoting as many resources as possible to good relations with UT employees and students
  • Tuition fee free board experience (Dutch: collegegeldvrij besturen)
  • Eliminating exam pressure: proposal to cluster tests within a few weeks
  • Continuing projects we started last year
  • More activities like Das Design Day to directly influence students
  • Improve information towards and for students
  • Clear plan for sporting facilities and supplies
  • Choosing a language for anything but study programmes should stay the same
  • Our supportive and collaborative approach. DAS aims for improvements at the UT and works together with relevant parties.
  • Active inclusion of a broad constituency and showing that any student can have a say at the UT and that all ideas are welcome.
  • Collaboration with other student and sports associations: those in ‘de Pakkerij’, DHC Hockey, Euros rowing and Harambee.

Council members

Board members

What can DAS do for you?

Educational improvement

DAS works toward educational improvement, more flexible education, a better connection between TEM modules and clear communication between educational programmes. As a student, you should not be troubled with the organisation of your education, or with the way tests and grades are handled. That’s what DAS is for: a link between student and policy.


Each and every student is ambitious. Whether its’ top-level sportsmanship, working as a board member, having an interesting job, whether you organise, plan connect, or are working on a project: ambition can mean a lot more than you think. DAS acts as an ambassador for your ambition and wants you to focus on your personal development in addition to a full-time study programme. You should be able to study and be ambitious.


Collectively, we can accomplish more. DAS represents not only ambitious students, but also consists of a large group of representatives out of several educational programmes, each with different interests, hobbies and experiences. Together, we can learn from one another. Together, we can work towards a better future: a smarter, healthier, and stronger study environment with the opportunity in addition to all ambitious projects.

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