University Council

DAS has a constituency of six sports and student associations and is representing nearly two thousand students in University of Twente’s advisory board.

Student association

The party for the Ambitious Student (abbreviated: DAS) does not only consist of ambitious students, but represents all students that undertake activities in addition to studying.

Link between student and policy

DAS’ mission: bridge the gap between studying and student life. DAS provides for the needs of students and brings them closer to the administrative division of the UT.

Designing education

With the successful ‘DAS Design Day’, students have the opportunity to contribute to the future of the education by creating an entire new educational programme.


Not many students know their way around the University’s administration and advisory structures and many do have question about their education. DAS provides helpful answers to these questions.

Ambitious students

Ambition can take many forms: top-class sports, student-administrators and organising events are some examples. DAS is an ambassador of these types of entrepreneurship.

Meet DAS!


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