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Welcome. We are DAS, the party for the Ambitious Student.

University Council

The Party of the Ambitious Student represents the voice of all ambitious students in the University Council. DAS is formed by 6 student- and sportsassociations(?) from whom they get every few weeks input.

More than a party

Being ambitious is a broad understanding. Everything you do as a student next to your curriculum is ambitious. DAS is a platform for all problems you may encounter as a ambitious student. 

Link between students and the executive board

DAS’ mission: bridging the gap between studying and student life. DAS provides for the needs of students and brings them closer to the UT’s administration. DAS is the link between students and the executive board.


DAS promotes the quality of education and the combination of studying and extracurricular activities.


UT lecture collegezaal

DAS promotes the quality of education, a more flexible education structure, a better connection between modules and improved communication between students and staff. You should not have to worry about the structure of your study program, tests and grades. DAS is the link between students and the executive board.



Every student is ambitious. Whether you exercise high level sports, do committee work, are on a board, have a interesting job, organize, plan, connect, or work on a project: being ambitious is a broad understanding. DAS is the ambassador of ambition and want you to be able to focus on personal development. You should not have to choose between being a student or being ambitious. There should be room for both.

Combining studying and activism!


The current educational structure does not always allows  you to study full-time ánd do extracurricular activities. Why does a university with so many possibilities for self-development use a education structure which counterworks these unique opportunities. DAS does not want you to be restricted to earn 0 or 15 EC, it should be possible to participate in separate courses. In addition to this, grades should be valid more than 2 years. Passing a course once should be enough.

Meet DAS:

True love never grows old

Whether you are member of a board, organise, connect, work together, swim, row, jump, play hockey, soccer or volleyball: DAS represents you!



DAS was formed because ambitious students did not feel like their voice was really heard. Six student- and sportsassociations decided to work hand in hand to represent the ambitious students by giving them a voice. Activism plays a major role in the student culture of Enschede and this should be conserved. DAS strives with all the ambitious students for this achievement and wants to facilitate the needs of all the ambitious students.

Top-level sport


DAS supports all sportsmen. There are 39 sports assiciations, with something for everybody. All these disciplines need to be facilitated. DAS also strives for more flexibility in the education structure for sportsmen on a high level. Ambition and talent should be supported and they should not be hindered.



Together, we can achieve more. DAS does not only represent all ambitious students, but consists of a large diverse group of representatives from different disciplines, study programmes, each with different interests and experiences. You learn from each other and together you work on your future: a better, healthier, smarter and stronger study climate with enough room for personal development.

Who will represent us next year?

DAS 2017 - Julia 2-3

Julia Brevoord


‘Being a student is a sport!’

DAS 2017 - Simon 3-3

Simon Kloet


‘Ambition means getting the most out of your time as a student!’

DAS 2017 - Sanne 3-3

Sanne Berns


‘DAS: towards a university for students.’

DAS 2017 - BramD 2-3

Bram van Doorn


‘Maintain the unique.’

DAS 2017 - Rick 3-3

Rick Oosterhoff


‘Studying is so much more’

DAS 2017 - Martijn 1-3

Martijn Mulder


‘Investing in yourself: more than study alone.’

Stem op DAS! * Vote for DAS!

Verkiezingen URaad 29 mei - 2 juni

The elections for the Student Council 2017-2018 will be held from May 29th until June 2nd. This year DAS presents 15 candidates, each with diverse backgrounds. One thing is for certain: after our first two successful years in the Student Council, we, the ambassadors of the ambitious student, are determined and bursting with enthusiasm to represent the students of the University of Twente again. We need your vote! Open the web app and vote for DAS!