16:00 – Opening

  • Topic introduction by DAS
  • Additional information by Ed Brinksma, Rector Magnificus
  • Please join your group as arranged by DAS (you can recognise them by their blue tie)

16:20 – Round 1 (brainstorm & create)

  • Pick a table with your group
  • Brainstorm on the introduced topic
  • Find additional information at www.pvdas.nl/ddd
  • After 15 minutes, pick the best idea and open envelope 1
  • At the end of round 1, try to come up with creative solutions to the problems and questions in the envelope
  • You are given a number for the next round (different groups)

17:00 – Break

Have a drink! Groups are scrambled, so go find your new group!

17:15 – Round 2 (convince & develop)

  • Convince each other of your idea in Round 1 and pick the best idea (& maybe even vote?)
  • After deciding which idea you will develop, open envelope 2
  • Develop the best idea with the criteria from envelope 2
  • Choose one person who will pitch your idea at the jury

18:00 – Break & pitch preparation 

  • Have a drink & prepare your presentation with the pitcher
  • You can use the laptop and beamer for your presentation

18:20 – Round 3 (pitch & compete)

  • Convince the jury of your programme (with regard to the criteria in Round 2 and your unique selling points)
  • Ask your fellow student-pitchers difficult questions 😉
  • Pitch for 4 minutes by using the criteria in both envelopes

19:00 – Jury counsel and drink!

Have a drink! Meet back in IDEATE after about ten/fifteen minutes for the winner announcement.

19:15 – Winner announcement 

The best idea from the second round will win! The prize? You’ll find out…

From here on out, the drink is still ongoing and still free (and yes, everything must go). Enjoy!